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Wenona is very proud of our alumnae network and the inspirational women who share a special bond with our School and with each other. We celebrate the ongoing achievements of these Wenonians and the contributions they have made in various fields. Their stories inspire the girls who are following in their footsteps. 

Wenona Alumnae connects this community through special events, professional networking opportunities, fundraisers, seminars, mentoring programs, social gatherings, reunions and more. To stay up to date, please follow us on Facebook, Wenona Alumnae Facebook Group and LinkedIn.

The Wenona Alumnae Committee host fundraising activities throughout the year to fund ongoing scholarships. Find out more about the Alumnae scholarships here.

“Once a Wenonian, always a Wenonian”   

The Wenona Alumnae Committee, which was previously known as Wenonians Inc.(WINC) and Wenona Old Girls Union (WOGU), volunteers on behalf of our members to connect our wonderful Alumnae community. We are proud of our 90-year-old association, which held its first meeting in 1927 and continues today with over 7,000 members. 

The Women of Spirit Breakfast is our key annual event, which fulfils our principal objectives to unite past and present students of the School and to raise funds to support our scholarship programs. If you would like to join our committee, require assistance planning your next reunion or would like to find out more about our events, please contact: alumnae@wenona.nsw.edu.au

Wenona Alumnae Executive 2022

  • Luisa Horton (Brown, 2005) - President
  • Olivia Dilanchian (2013) - Vice President
  • Jane Oswald (Fitzgerald, 1991) - Secretary
  • Sally Hopkins (Allsop, 1990) - Treasurer     

Wenona Alumnae Committee Members 2022

  • Stephanie Anderson (Vogan, 1973)
  • Michele Baric (Rees, 1985)
  • Lucy Basten ((Macdonald, 1990)
  • Anna Brooks (Biddulph, 1986)
  • Natalie Craig (Guirguis, 1995)
  • Kate Crowe (Donoghoe, 1987)
  • Emma Dixon (2013)
  • Fiona Hudson (2009)
  • Victoria Johns (2004)
  • Elyse Killingback (2017)
  • Caroline McLean-Foldes (Foldes, 1990)
  • Elly Paterson (Vass, 1980)
  • Merrianne Sinclair (1979)
  • Brittney Skea (2009)


Key Events 2022

  • To be confirmed

Reunions 2022 

  • Class of 2017 (5 years)
  • Class of 2012 (10 years)
  • Class of 2002 (20 years)
  • Class of 1992 (30 years)
  • Class of 1982 (40 years)
  • Class of 1972 (50 years)
  • Class of 1962 (60 years)

For more information about reunions, meetings or to register for events, please contact: alumnae@wenona.nsw.edu.au.


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The School has an Archival collection and we welcome donations of interesting memorabilia. Please contact alumnae@wenona.nsw.edu.au.