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International Opportunities

Wenona offers a range of global experiences to broaden our students’ horizons, including educational exchanges, service learning trips and cultural and sporting tours.

Exchange and In-country Immersion
Senior College students taking a language are eligible for Student Cultural Exchange, run via a range of external organisations. At the end of Year 10, Wenona students travel overseas and live with a host family and attend school in the host country for a number of weeks. There, they gain language skills, increase the confidence and independence and gain valuable skills in spontaneity and adaptability. Wenona is also very happy to host visiting students on a reciprocal arrangement. 

Some exchange providers that students at Wenona have used in the past are: Southern Cross Cultural Exchange, WEP Australia, AFX, Nacel, Le Vésinet, AFS and YFU.

Whilst Wenona is happy to support and provide advice in terms of preparation for students departing on exchange and hosting students, the school in no way endorses or recommends these organisations. Families are advised to conduct their own research into each organisation such they understand and are satisfied with the program offered.

Service Learning
From Year 9 onwards, students are encouraged to join our Service Learning trips, where they undertake community building and humanitarian work in countries such as Tanzania, Cambodia, Laos, Borneo, Thailand, Fiji, and Peru. Through such experiences, students develop empathy, practise inter-cultural communication and learn to value the perspectives of other people and cultures.

Overseas Cultural and Sporting Tours
Students interested in creative arts can join the biennial Creative Arts Tour and visit art capitals of the world – Venice, Florence, Paris, Berlin, and New York. Students in Year 9-12 can elect to join the Music Tour, which also runs every 2 years to destinations such as North America and Europe. Wenona has overseas team sporting tours for competition, display games, coaching and team building. There are opportunities for graduating students to undertake post-school exchange programs or international study.