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Wenona's Careers Education Program is future focused, challenges traditional career pathways and enhances student awareness of potential careers. Our Director of Student Opportunity and Career Education oversees our Careers Centre, located in the Senior College building on Miller Street. We also have an information-packed Careers Portal for students and their parents.

As students’ progress through Middle School, they have opportunities to develop career specific skills that will enhance their understanding of the world of work and enterprise. An integral component of the Careers Program in the Senior College is the Year 10 Careers Profiling program. The aim of this program is to give students a greater understanding of themselves their abilities and interests to help to make better informed career decisions. This program is extremely beneficial for Year 10 students before they begin the process of choosing subjects for the Higher School Certificate.

Wenona's Career Mentoring Program provides valuable opportunities and experiences for Year 10 and 11 students to network, interact and engage with members of the Wenona Alumnae across a range of different professions and industries. During Year 11 and 12, the Career Development Program is individualised and students meet regularly with the Director of Student Opportunity and Career Education to discuss career goals and aspirations. Students can access a range of print and digital resources through our Careers Centre that is located within the Senior College