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Foundation and Giving

The Wenona community is committed to ensuring our School can offer the best in girls’ education now and into the future. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Wenona Foundation Limited

The Wenona Foundation, established in 1999, is the vehicle for administering the School’s development programs and fostering philanthropy. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors made up of parents, past parents and alumnae. Regular opportunities to contribute to Wenona include the annual giving appeals, donations with tuition fees each term, and gifts in wills. Periodic capital appeals are conducted to raise funds for specific building projects or scholarship projects.

With the support of the Wenona community, the School continues to develop the most advanced facilities available for teaching and learning for young women, including most recently The Athenaeum. Donations to any of the funds (listed below) are always welcome. The beneficiaries are the students of Wenona, both now and in the future.

If you have any inquiries about the Foundation, or giving to Wenona please contact Ms Marie Soghomonian, Executive Director Wenona Foundation on (02) 9409 4413 or via email.

Wenona Foundation Board

Board Chair
Mrs Wallis Graham BA Econ Maths, GAICD (Wenona Board of Governors)

Board Members
Ms Edwina Gilbert BA, LLG, GAICD
Mr Ben Keeble BA (Hons), GAICD
Mr Sam Kennard BBus (Land Economics)
Mr Campbell Lobb CA
Dr Briony Scott BscAgr, MEd, EdD
Ms Catherine West, BEc, LLB(Hons) (Chair, Wenona Board of Governors)

Executive Director of the Wenona Foundation
Ms Marie Soghomonian BBus, MMgmt, MNFPSocEntM, MAICD


Over the years, the generosity of the Wenona Community has significantly assisted in the continued growth of the School. Giving can be directed to the following Funds: 

Building Fund

Donations to this fund help finance the construction and development of new School facilities, including the acquisition of additional property. Contribute online here (tax deductible).

Scholarship Fund

Wenona provides scholarships for students whose families might not otherwise be able to afford an independent school education, plus assistance for those whose families encounter major financial hardship. Awarded at the discretion of the Principal, they include the Barbara Jackson Scholarship and DalCorp Scholarships. To contribute to this Fund, click here (tax deductible).

Education Fund

Endowed funds are invested with the interest providing general scholarships and professional development programs to support teaching excellence. Donations through Workplace Giving and Private Prescribed Trusts and other gifts which do not require or do not comply with tax-deductible criteria are best directed to this fund. Contributions can be made here (not tax-deductible). 

Library Fund

Donations to this Fund keep Wenona's information resources, including the Evening Study Centre, up to date. Contributions can be made here (tax deductible). 

The Library Fund is operated by Wenona School Ltd per ATO Regulations.

Gifts in Wills

Many Wenonians and their family members take the opportunity to provide a lasting legacy to the School by specifying a gift in their wills, ensuring connections to Wenona lives on for generations to come. To discuss Gifts in Wills please contact Ms Marie Soghomonian, Executive Director Wenona Foundation on (02) 9409 4413 or via email.

Wenona_Gifts in Wills_Cover

You can find more information about Gifts in Wills here (PDF).


AUSUSA logo1

The Australian Independent Schools USA Foundation (AISUSA) has recently changed its name to the Australian Universities & Schools USA Foundation (AUSUSA). The Foundation has been in existence since September 2006 and is a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation and complies with US regulations for charities. As such, donors who make gifts to the Foundation may claim them as a deduction on their US income tax return. Canadians may also be able to offset US based income on their Canadian tax return. The AUSUSA Foundation is guided by a Board of Directors who, among other duties, periodically authorises the allocation of grant awards to Australian educational institutions, including Wenona. For more information on AUSUSA, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the information above or would like to discuss supporting the Wenona Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Marie Soghomonian, Executive Director Wenona Foundation on (02) 9409 4413 or via email.