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Wenona offers a range of scholarships to assist girls from all backgrounds to benefit from a Wenona education.

Wenona's caring community welcomes people of all backgrounds, and students with Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander heritage are encouraged to apply.

Wenona offers School, Foundation (means-tested) and Alumnae Scholarships. Scholarship applicants do not need to submit a Wenona Application for Enrolment form in addition to the Scholarship application process.

For any enquiries regarding the Scholarship process, please contact the Director of Enrolments and Community Relations, Belinda Stoneham on 02 9409 4440  or enrolments@wenona.nsw.edu.au.

 Academic, Music and Boarding Scholarships

Please note that Wenona’s Academic, Music and Boarding (School) Scholarships for entry in 2019 have now closed.
Information about Wenona’s Academic, Boarding and Music Scholarships for entry in 2020 will be updated on our website in October 2018.

Foundation (means-tested) Scholarships

Wenona is committed to creating additional opportunities for girls to attend the School. Means-tested scholarships are made available through the Wenona Foundation and the generosity of donors, and are available to external applicants only. They are not available for students currently attending Wenona.

A means-tested scholarship is an award that is distributed based on financial need, and differs from a regular scholarship in that no academic performance or related criteria apply. Scholarships are awarded to students whose families would not otherwise be in a position to provide a Wenona education.

These scholarships are administered by the Foundation Office, independent of the general academic, boarding and music scholarships.

In making an application for a means tested scholarship at Wenona, families will be required to provide financial information to show that meeting the cost of school fees is difficult; some donors may set specific eligibility criteria that also need to be met. This will be made known when the School seeks applications. Decisions on means-tested scholarship awards are communicated in writing by the School Principal to the recipient’s parents/guardians. Applications and means-testing will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

All scholarship recipients are subject to annual review based on the initial criteria of each scholarship.

Please note that Wenona’s Foundation Scholarships for entry in 2019 have now closed.

Information about Wenona’s Foundation Scholarships for entry in 2020 will be updated on our website in October 2018.

Wenona Alumnae Scholarships, 2019

For further information about all Alumnae Scholarships, please contact the Community Engagement and Events Manager, Christine Hodge on 02 9409 4456 or alumnae@wenona.nsw.edu.au.

Wenona Alumnae scholarship applications open 1 January, 2018 and close Thursday 28 June, 2018.

These scholarships are not granted on the basis of a generational connection to Wenona. 

  1. Barbara Jackson Scholarship - The Barbara Jackson Scholarship covers 25 per cent of tuition fees for Year 10 entry to Wenona and is tenable for three years until the completion of Year 12. It is open to current and future Year 9 students. This scholarship is provided by Wenona Alumnae in memory of and with thanks for the extraordinary contribution of Miss Barbara Jackson MBE who led Wenona for a remarkable 28 years from 1967 to 1994. The Barbara Jackson Scholarship will be awarded to a young woman who, through her participation in all aspects of school life, demonstrates strong academic ability as well as active participation in a number of key areas such as creative and performing arts, debating, public speaking, leadership, community service and/or sport. 
  2. Wenona Alumnae Scholarship - The Wenona Alumnae Scholarship is awarded to a Wenona Senior College student who is currently in Year 10 in 2018. The Scholarship is open to all Year 10 students and covers 25 per cent of tuition fees for the recipient in Year 11. Subject to satisfactory progress in all areas of school life, the Scholarship will be continued for Year 12. This scholarship is granted on the basis of academic achievement (with an emphasis on effort), leadership qualities, an active contribution across all aspects of school life and a genuine service to the School demonstrated by commitment to the school’s motto Ut Prosim, That I May Serve. There is no restriction on eligibility; however, the aim is to assist a girl who happily contributes to Wenona life, is a person of integrity and who supports the values and ethos of Wenona. This scholarship is not granted on the basis of a generational connection to Wenona.
  3. Victorian Group Book Award - The Wenona Alumnae Victorian Group Book Award is awarded to the runner-up to the Wenona Alumnae Scholarship and is valued at $1,000. It is earmarked for the purchase of resources to support the academic syllabus.


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