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Lily Towers (2016) and Kirsten Schnitzler (2016)

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Alumnae Sports Coaching Program: Lily Towers (2016) and Kirsten Schnitzler (2016)

Lily Towers and Kirsten Schnitzler graduated from Wenona in 2016. They wanted to stay connected to the school they'd enjoyed being part of for seven years, so the Wenona Sports Coaching program presented them with an ideal opportunity.

Both enjoyed sports at Wenona, participating in netball, touch football, basketball and cross country, so they were delighted to be offered coaching roles for netball. Kirsten, who is studying Advanced Science and Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney, says, "Coaching netball at Wenona is a great job to have. I can stay connected to staff and students across all year groups, remain active, and have a change of focus from attending lectures and studying."

Lily is completing a Bachelor of Arts and Advanced Studies, majoring in International Relations and Marketing. She also wants to give back to the School. "It is a great opportunity to connect with girls from younger years. We can relate to them, as we have gone through what they are going through, and give them advice. I remember graduates coaching my netball team at Wenona and I found it really helpful. It gives the girls someone to talk to other than parents and teachers."

Being involved in the Wenona netball program extends rewarding development opportunities for these graduate coaches, offering experience in not only coaching, but also umpiring, administration and mentoring.

Lily and Kirsten play socially and are keen to return to competitive netball next year, but still plan to remain in the coaching program. Lily says, "It is important to encourage graduates to be involved. Wenona is a very nurturing employer. The School is keen for you to build on your opportunities and offers you support to achieve that."