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Blog: Hitting Milestones

Vice Head Prefect Jasmine has hit some big milestones this year, and she’s taken inspiration from her favourite film, Ratatouille, to help her move forward.

Today marks the halfway point of this incredibly hectic term and I hope, despite the changes, it will continue to be filled with the usual fun and excitement. In other news, today also marks nearly a week since I entered the world of adulthood. Terrifying, I know!

Hitting the milestone of 18 was something I have always been a little bit fearful about. Not only as it means I am now legally responsible for my actions, but also because I have the mental age and physical stature of a 12-year-old and as a result, the thought of ‘growing up’ doesn’t really seem possible. In the weeks leading up to the ‘big day’, I found myself looking through old photos and having a bit of a trip down memory lane, in the hope that I would begin to fear a little less about entering the world of adulthood.

And I’m sure with all the free time you’ve had in isolation and in the holidays, you may have experienced this sense of nostalgia recently too. Although I wouldn’t recommend living in the shadows of your past self - which is pretty hard when my 8-year-old-self dressed exclusively as Kelsi from High School Musical - I do think it’s good to take time to reflect on our values and actions.

And in this process, and with all my new-found wisdom that I’ve gained since becoming an adult this week, I thought I’d share some of the life lessons that I’ve come to appreciate, especially in these strange times. I hope they will continue to define how I act and react to whatever life throws at me in the future.

Firstly, never underestimate the power of having a laugh with your friends and those around you. I am a firm believer that a good dose of the giggles can be the best medicine. And although it may not cure a global pandemic, it certainly reminds us to enjoy the simplicity of each day without worrying about the bigger picture things happening around us and on the global stage. When I think of my favourite moments at School, the dance parties in the Undercroft and the courtyard, and the laughs with my friends are what spring to mind. They will be memories that I will always carry with me.

Secondly, embrace change with open arms. If the current COVID-19 situation has taught us anything, it most certainly is this! I mean, if someone had told me 5 months ago that a global virus would spread across the world and as a result, I would be spending the majority of my free time doing puzzles and having conversations with my cat, I would have done a bit of a double take. But I think this time of uncertainty has shown us that a lot of creativity can come out of a difficult situation, particularly when we react with patience, adaptability and humour.

And finally, tying in with our Prefect motto, I have learned to try and fear a little less, even in the simplest of situations. For example, my crippling fear of needles has often left me in tears before vaccination time comes around. However, I got a flu shot in the holidays (although I did faint twice in the middle of Greenwood Plaza), and I can confirm that there were no tears this time around! Small victories really do make all the difference and I think this attitude can be applied to every scenario that life throws at us.

I think all these lessons are summed up in one of my favourite movies, Ratatouille. Remi’s culinary hero, Chef Auguste Gusteau inspires him with his words: "Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great." So, taking the wise words of Chef Gusteau, whether you’re cooking, learning, dancing, sporting, puzzling, zooming or even just growing up, I hope the rest of your Term 2 is filled with laughter, excitement and a little bit of fearlessness. Thank you!


Jasmine (Year 12)
Vice Head Prefect

You can view Jasmine's speech here