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Blog: Meet Maddy!

On Tuesday, Maddy, one of our new School Vice Captains for 2020/2021, introduced herself to the School community. Her speech was live streamed at our Principal’s Assembly.


“Hi, I’m Maddy and I am honoured to be your 2020/2021 School Vice-Captain. The task of representing this School is both exciting and daunting, but I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to help lead such a cohesive and supportive community.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have been at Wenona since Year 3, and throughout my School journey, I have taken advantage of the many opportunities offered to me. From being an overtly loud member of many sporting teams, a part-time Swim Squad attendee, a somewhat tone-deaf Choir participant, and a sneaky Camerata violinist (even though I wasn’t a member of the required String Orchestra), I have had the most hilarious, enjoyable, gratifying, and seriously fun time, while connecting with this amazing School and its people.

I have had the pleasure of engaging with the clever girls of the Junior School Robotics Challenge; I have sympathised with others - like myself - who never made the Junior Gymnastics squad. I have tried almost every sport on offer in an attempt to find one I excel at. I have been amazed by the fun that can be had at the Science and Engineering Challenge, been amazed by the talent of girls in the School musical, and have formed lasting friendships with girls from class, camp, swim squads, service learning and PC. This School, through the connections it gives us, allows us to grow and learn and laugh with some of the kindest and most talented girls.


I believe in such uncertain times it is important to embrace every part of this School life, and continue to connect with others, where and when you can. To those of you that are new to Wenona, I want you to know that we feel for you - for you may have yet to experience Wenona in full flight – with a bake sale every second day, busking, sports carnivals, camps, service, excursions, community-wide events and the involvement of your family limited. But look beneath the surface, you will see that community and that connectedness is waiting for you. Dance in the Undercroft, laugh with your friends, play sport together (with no spectators to give you performance tips!), go to PC every day and complain about assessments, join Knitting Club or Gender Equity, listen to your peers and offer friendship!

Sometimes, when it gets hard, you just have to keep on coming to School and looking for ways to connect. Because we all need to remember that even though things look a little different, Wenona is still the same wonderful, supportive and caring place, that wants the best for all of us!”


Maddy, Year 11
School Vice-Captain 2020/2021