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Blog: Charlie branches out

She started out as a tree in the musical but went on to become Vice Captain for 2020/21. This week in our Principal’s Assembly – which was live streamed to Senior School – we met Charlie.

“For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Charlie, and I am fortunate enough to be one of your Vice Captains for the next year. Of course, I am nervous for this role, but also excited for what this year has to offer. As we have seen over the past year, everything is very unpredictable, so it’s at times like these when we need to really come together and support one another.

I first came to Wenona in Year 7 and - like many of you would have experienced - the adjustment from primary to high school was quite challenging. Shortly after starting at Wenona, I started participating in sport, which then lead to me joining the Duke of Ed program, which then somehow led to me participating in the Wenona musical. And yes, you guessed it, I was a tree! Experiences like these have allowed me to make lifelong friends, while also pushing me into unknown and sometimes uncomfortable territories. I can’t emphasise this enough: getting involved in something different and new will end up being among some of your best experiences at Wenona, and who knows, maybe you will find a hidden talent along the way!

Now, I think it’s safe to say that before this year, I would have expected to experience my first formal by now. And I thought I might have at least finished school before experiencing a global pandemic, but I guess this is just another example of the obstacles that life can throw at us. Looking out into a crowd full of faces and masks is something I thought I might never see. However, change like this makes us more resilient. Recently, I have learnt not to take opportunities for granted, so I encourage each and every one of you to join a new club, get involved in Undercroft dance parties and enjoy every minute of school camps with your friends when they start again.

We can’t predict what is going to happen over the next year, but we can make sure that together we help one another to overcome any obstacles that are thrown at us. Yes, there will be challenging times ahead, so we must ensure that we don’t become complacent. We need to keep on striving to be the best versions of ourselves. So, get involved where you can! Be kind and inclusive towards everyone! And give back to Wenona the same amount it has given to you! Who knows, maybe you will be the next tree in the musical?

I can’t wait to get to know you all and your individual talents over the coming year.

Thank you.”


Charlie, Year 11
School Vice Captain 2020/2021