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Blog: You’re a Wenona girl

At our first Principal’s Assembly for 2020, our Head Prefect, Milly, welcomed everyone back to Wenona, with some great advice for our new Year 7 cohort.

“I thought to start off your high school experience, you should pledge your allegiance to Wenona. Year 7, please stand up! Now put you hand on your heart like so and repeat after me when I pause:

I will always wear my hat to School and never take it off until I get inside School.

This week will be a challenge, but I am ready to take a chance.

Milly, I promise that I will introduce myself to five new people each day and ask them what their favourite vegetable is…because… why not?

I was only a new girl yesterday, but today I am a Wenona girl.

Congratulations Year 7! You now have 1,267 school days left until you graduate.

But after an 8-week break, how is one supposed to click and get straight back into things? Yesterday I was writing my speech, as well as finishing up some schoolwork, and couldn’t get into the groove. I was thinking of ways for me to get back into ‘Idea Central’ and basically have my brain re-tweaked from holiday mode.

I thought back to when my brother’s school friend told me he did all his past papers in his full school uniform at home to practice for the real final exams, so he would be on the ball.

So, I thought I might as well and I hopped into my school uniform and put my new pristine Clarks on, to get back into the routine.

Sounds a bit odd, but that’s me. I like to test things out and see what works. My point being is that it will take a few tries for not just me, but for all of us to get back into our individual groove.

I cannot give you a definite ‘yes’ about the school uniform theory, but I think that we all have different styles and ways of doing things and that’s okay. I certainly know I have a different way of thinking and voicing my thoughts, but how I work with it is to try new things and see what works or helps me get on my way.

It might not just be for school, it can be for life or just to make yourself feel comfortable.

I know many of my friends do as well. Sophie kisses her sports shoes before every netball game she plays. Milly H. likes to rub heads with people before an exam to transfer good energy.

And before I do a speech or have an exam, I like to read out my notes like I am forecasting the weather or on A Current Affair. I might as well be the new Tracy Grimshaw!

Besides, the year has only started, and this gives you time to see how you work and how your mind does too. Be open to guidance and support from others as they can add to your groove or make you see things through a different lens. Either way, test out the waters and take a chance on odd, different and new things because it’s only the start of the year and you might as well try now!

I hope to see you all around soon.

Best of luck for today girls!

Thank you.


Head Prefect 2019/2020