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Blog: The Fear-less Tribe

Having a tribe to support you during life’s inevitable ups and downs will help you to ‘Face Everything and Rise’, says Lucy.

Currently, there are approximately 3 billion, 7 hundred and 10 million, 295 thousand, 6 hundred and 43 ladies in this world – and each one of us experiences life’s ups and downs. It takes courage to overcome them, but often we feel like we have to do it on our own and forget everything and run, when instead we should face everything and rise.

Throughout my 17 years, I have experienced some incredible ups, as well as some extreme downs, and I am sure I am not the only one. Whether it is a high or low, I would like to emphasise that no one is alone! For each one of my downs, I’ve had a support team by my side who have supported and encouraged me to be the young adolescent I am today. And I call them my TRIBE. My Fear-less Tribe.

My tribe is a group of people who make me feel good about myself and create an environment where I feel like I can be myself. At the start of Year 10, life threw me a massive curve ball. It wasn’t easy and had an enormous impact on me and still does. However, my tribe has kept me going, as well as my true passion, sport. Sport to me is my escape route where I can just go and forget about everything and simply enjoy what I have. And I am sure every single one of you has an escape route when you need it.

As easy as it is for me to stand up here and say that you are not alone, it takes courage and bravery to take these steps and open up to someone that you trust and have a connection with. For me, it took a long time to build my tribe, but once I created my Fear-less Tribe, I was able to get the support I needed.

There are a few individuals in this School - you know who you are - who are part of my Fear-less Tribe. You’ve had an impact on me with your wise words and have been there for me since Day 1. It does not matter whether your tribe is made up of girls in your year group or the year above or below as they will help you no matter what. For example, Lily (Class of 2019) was with me even when she was sitting for the HSC. Tilly (Year 12) and Charlie (Year 10) are other members of my tribe who have helped me both in School and beyond. And for everyone at Wenona, we have an amazing array of teachers who help to support us through everything.

If you are going to take one key message away from this, please know you’re not alone and there’s a tribe out there for you. They are not there to be mean or judgemental, they just want to help you.

From my tribe there is a quote that has stuck with me and whenever I’m in doubt, I think of it: ‘Hang in there and keep going, we’ve got this!’ It means I’m not doing this alone. Instead we will get through this together, as a tribe.

So, maybe in those times when we need courage, and with the help of our Fear-less Tribe, rather than forgetting everything and running, we can actually face everything and rise.

Fear. F.E.A.R. It means Face Everything And Rise!


Lucy (Year 12)
Prefect 2019/2020