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Student Blog: Words of Wit and Wisdom

Our Co-Captain of Drama, Josie entertained Assembly this week, with her funny insight into gaining perspective.

Good morning everyone, I’m Josie and I hope everyone is settling back into school life. Here we are, another school term, which some may be a little nervous about, and others excited for. 

Take me for example, just a girl in Year 12. I can’t say I know how I made it here and I definitely feel way too young to be in my final year of school. I thought I’d know my way around by now, have some knowledge about the world, be a little wiser, as would my year group. But instead, Emma told me a few weeks ago that Christmas was when Jesus died, and Annabelle just found out, courtesy of Ms Poole, that Genovia is actually a made-up place from the Princess Diaries. 

Thinking about what I was going to say in this speech, made me think about how I got to Year 12. Looking back, the ‘Middle School Josie’ is quite different to the ‘Senior College Josie’, and thank God for that! I remember on the first day of Year 7, I was with one of my friends and I said to her, “I don’t make friends with people, they make friends with me.” I thought I’d join Wenona in Year 7, having been top dog of my Junior School, with people just swarming to be my friend. I was in fact, very wrong and remember enjoying my lunch in the library by myself once or twice!

Eventually I made it to Year 8. In this year, I specifically remember my mum telling me I couldn’t have Facebook, to which I responded, “Mum, I’m 14 now, I can do what I want.” As you can see, I was in a hurry to grow up, and then came Year 9. I was an obnoxious 15-year-old now, and I thought I was much older than I was. My priorities were definitely in the wrong order, constantly worrying about what others thought. I can only say this with the benefit of hindsight, because at the time, I thought I was doing everything right and that anyone who tried to tell me differently, such as my parents, were very wrong. And I wasn’t afraid to tell them that! 

That’s not to say in any way that I’m not still guilty of saying stuff I shouldn’t, pushing things too far or making mistakes. Just like all of us, I’ve had moments when I could have been kinder or just shut my mouth before saying something I would regret. And this leads me to the fact that we all have flaws. I think it’s important to have the ability to recognise them rather than deny them, and to try harder (although it sounds cliché) to be a better person. 

What I learnt from my Middle School life was that in the moment, small things seem way more important than they are. Every slight friendship issue, which you are guaranteed to go through at some point, feels like the biggest thing in the world. I think it’s important here to have the ability to step back and put things in context. Believe it or not, Senior School is not the be all and end all, and there is life after this. 

So, if you stayed up a little late last night finishing that essay or writing a certain speech, and are only tuning in now, just take away these two things: 

• Number 1, be yourself! If something makes you happy, then don’t worry what others say. 

• Number 2, you’ll always have moments of weakness, so called ‘imperfections’, but all that matters is the ability to recognise them and attempt to grow as a person. 

Thank you!

Josie circle photo blog
Josie (Year 12)
Co-Captain of Drama 2018/19