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Student Blog: Welcome to a new School Year

Olivia, our Head Prefect gave this welcome address at the Principal’s Assembly this week.

“I’d like to give a warm welcome to all the new girls here, especially the Year 7’s. It’s fabulous to see all your happy faces here this morning. It feels like yesterday that I was in the same position as you, sitting in those chairs, nervous, yet excited about a new start. I’ve been in your position a few times, starting fresh at various schools. It may be difficult at first, but it all works out in the end. On my first day of Year 7 it was my 13th birthday, and nobody even knew! Bit of a tough start I know.

I hope you are all well rested and prepared for the year to come. I had a splendid start to my holidays. Day 2 and guess where I was! Lying in a hospital bed at Port Macquarie. After a busy end to the term, I had completely burned out and was exhausted. But after this minor inconvenience and a little bit of rest, I was back at it. I spent most of my days at the beach, as well as with my family and friends.

None of us are super human and we can’t do everything. We will have setbacks and they will affect us in different ways. Sometimes we are able to bounce back straight away, sometimes it takes more time. During the year, everyone will experience some kind of setback, whether it is something as simple as a bad grade at school or whether it is a friendship or family problem.

Following on from the initiative ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ that the Prefects introduced last year, I’d like to emphasise that while some of the people we look up to (maybe even girls in our own year) seem perfect, in reality, we all have our flaws and we all face our own internal battles.

If you ever have problems, I encourage you to talk to your friends and family because take my advice, talking about things is so much better than keeping it to yourself. Don’t try and be someone’s idea of perfect, because the meaning of perfect constantly changes. The only thing that matters is how you view yourself, not how society views you.

So, remember for this year, don’t overwork yourself, especially Year 12! Be the best version of yourself and not what others expect you to be. I hope you are all keen and excited for another busy year ahead!

Thank you.”

Olivia circle photo blog
Head Prefect