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Student Blog: The Act of Kindness

Perfectly imperfect. Two words that are polar opposite in their definition, yet only two letters shift their meaning!

Personally, this shift has been extremely difficult for me as I have grown up wanting to be exactly like my sister - to be kind and do well academically and at sport. I am constantly hung up about being perfect. Surrounded by friends that have the most incredible talents, I struggle to stop comparing myself to others and accept myself for who I am.

I am nowhere near to achieving perfection and I know I never will. I have so many allergies that I struggle to remember them all. I can make 9 dimples when I smile, which I am sure is not the norm. And I can play two clarinets at the same time better than I can play one. The list goes on! Like everyone, my imperfections are just features that I have; they don’t define me as a person.

I believe it’s important to aim to become a better person, not to achieve perfection but to show kindness, support and to listen to others around you. When I think of a ‘perfect’ individual, I think of Charlotte, who was Vice Head Prefect in 2017. She wasn’t the funniest in her year, nor the most athletic, but she was kind. She had the ability to make everyone smile and she never made a negative comment about anyone or anything. Even when she was battling through the HSC, she continued to smile and she was kind. It was from Charlotte that I understood the importance of kindness and what it can do to brighten the day for others around you.

As other prefects have said, a simple act of kindness goes a long way. This word can be tossed around at times, but its impact will always influence those around you and yourself. Kindness is putting others before you and caring for those around you. You do not have to be the most academic, the best in your sporting field or the right height to be kind. It can be given and shared by everyone. It is just a matter of choosing to show it. I try to be kind every day, and even when life throws me off track, the ability to give and receive kindness gets me out of bed each morning. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ or imperfect kindness; it is just what it is.

It is okay to be frustrated with yourself at times and to be scared of imperfection. The ability to accept imperfections may be easier for some or can take a whole lifetime for others, as we are all human.

Just remember to keep smiling, laugh a little and be kind to those around you. And as Mr Newall says every day, “It’s all about attitude!”

Thank you.

Marina (Year 12)
Prefect 2018/19