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Student Blog: The benefits of being short

Yep, I am short! And I’m not angry at my parents for these genetics either.

I’ve always sat in the front row of school photos my whole life. And yes, I’ve always had to get a hand when reaching for the food in the top shelf at Coles. But you know what, I own it now!

Good morning, everyone, I hope you have all had a great term so far. I got asked by Liv to do this speech a bit earlier than expected. Well, I freaked out because I didn’t know what to write. The other girls have already given such good speeches and I thought, well they’ve just about covered everything. But then I looked in the mirror and thought, Soph, what’s special about you? Yep, I’m short! Now I can assure you all that I do get mildly teased about it. Even Annabelle said to me the other day, “Soph, for little corgi legs you cover a fair bit of ground.” Cheers for the confidence booster Annabelle! Or when I was in a shop not long ago, one of the assistants was telling my mum and me that he is doing a Degree in Psychology. He asked me what year I was in. When I replied Year 12, he laughed at me and said, “Holy Smokes, you look like you’re in Year 9.” Well needless to say I’m thinking Psychology may not be his best career.

But I’ll have you all know that my height has been a real conversation starter. Some would say my height is imperfect, but I would say on the contrary, it’s ‘perfectly imperfect’. I will say it does look worse when in Business Lily and Heidi - two of the tallest girls in Year 12 - sit either side of me. However, I don’t let this bother me. I’ve come to terms with my height. In fact, it can be a huge advantage and as Mr Millar says, much easier to dive in touch. Got a bit less distance to fall.

I’m not really someone who will take any sort of offence to being called short because well, firstly, I can’t change that I’m short and secondly, there are so many advantages to being short. My Nan who is shorter than me, believe it or not, still has hopes that I will grow a little taller. But I thought, I shouldn’t be the bearer of bad news, but this girl isn’t growing any time soon. Now I’m telling you these stories so that you all understand that to me, ‘perfectly imperfect’ means working with what you’ve got and making use of it. That not only applies to me being short of course, but for everything that you all do. Work with what you have and make those so called ‘imperfections’ your perfections!

Dr Scott mentioned last week about life not always being fair and that it will not always go our way. For example, my family are farmers. And since last year, we’ve been in one of the worst droughts we’ve had in a long time. However, not once do I hear my parents saying that life is unfair, but instead they get up every day with a ‘Run at Life Head First’ attitude, even in tougher times. I know that it is tough on them when I ask them every night, “How was your day Mum and Dad?” I always receive an answer about the things in their day that went right. I don’t know what all of you know about farming, but trust me, you won’t find a day when something hasn’t gone wrong. The tractor didn’t start or that sheep got out of the paddock or it didn’t rain again. I won’t know about this until I go home, but I idolise my parents so much for this, for always finding the best things in life.

But I would like to take this opportunity to expand on Dr Scott’s point that life is tough at times and it is imperfect. For many of you, you are all fighting your own battles and you might find yourself at times feeling like life is imperfect and it is. But you also have to understand that the majority of you are living in the top one percent of people. You are able to go home to a meal with loving parents who have sent you here to a school, where you are given opportunities that will set you up for life. You get to make friends for life and I can assure you, that overrides any imperfection any day.

We all have something to be so thankful for and by acknowledging this, you make those imperfections just that more perfect every day. So girls, own your imperfections. Make them your perfections. And when life doesn’t quite go your way, don’t give up! Keep running at life head first. That is perfectly imperfect.

Thank you.

Sophia (Year 12)
Prefect and Co-Captain of Boarding 2018/19