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Everyone should learn a language

For the first time, Wenona has a Languages Captain. This week, Zara spoke at Assembly about why the ability to speak different languages is important in a global world.

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“Hi everyone, my name is Zara and I am your Languages Captain for 2019/2020. Having attained the position of one of the newly established captaincies, I wish to tell you a little bit about myself, and my aspirations for this position.

Throughout my upbringing, the learning of foreign languages has had immense importance. Several of my family members are bilingual or even multilingual through university education or family history. They fostered my love of learning about other cultures, their languages and travel.

During my schooling career, I have undertaken studies in Chinese, French and most notably, German, the language I have been undertaking throughout Senior School and will pursue for the HSC.

As Languages Captain, I endeavour to fashion an appreciation for the rich benefits inherent to the learning of a foreign language. In comparison to other nations, the Australian education system does not prioritise the learning of a second language. Consequently, students have a detachment from the learning of foreign languages as they struggle to understand their relevance to the contemporary world, diplomatically and culturally.

Notwithstanding increased employment prospects, at its very foundation, the study of languages is the catalyst for the communication and interconnectedness between civilisations, and the enlightenment of one’s understanding about our broader society. On a broader level, languages can prevent wars, negotiate trade relations, forge strong allegiances between countries, and an on a smaller scale, connect us with one another. As a school community, if we are unable to appreciate languages and cultures, we will never be able to cultivate an accepting social climate that embraces the diversity amongst us. Despite the enormity of this task, I hope to promote this.

On another note, it is not too late to sign up for the Wenona Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA). The group will be meeting in Room E on Thursday lunchtime of this week, for girls from Years 9 to 11. If you are interested in languages or international relations, I’d highly recommend that you attend. If you have any questions, please ensure to contact Ms Furlong or Mr Mikkelsen.

Thank you!

Student Blog

Zara (Year 11)
Languages Captain 2019/2020