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Student blog: The unspoken bond that exists means boarders can be themselves

Author: Boarding Prefect, Lily of Year 12 

 24 Oct 2016

It was this night five years ago that I sat, looking up at the girls who were graduating and wished I was going with them. I naively contemplated packing my bags and dragging my suitcase down the hallway as I grappled with the concept that these Year 12 girls wouldn’t be coming back after the holidays. No longer would they be there for those chats I cherished. Although this urge to leave became stronger each year as I grew closer to the Year 12 girls who were leaving, I am so glad I didn’t pack my bags. I would have cut short the most incredible opportunity and experience of a lifetime - being a Wenona Boarder.

Dr Scott has taught us to be kind as everyone we meet is fighting a great battle. By being part of the Wenona community, I have learned the value of being inquisitive as everyone we meet has a unique story. Everyone has talent and determination that is often not uncovered. Having lived with a group of 49 incredibly gifted girls, I have come to never underestimate the talent that lies behind every single one of those bedroom doors. 

In Year 10 I lived in the room on the bottom floor of the main house opposite the front stairs. I could hear the rush of girls going up and down the stairs at all times of the morning and afternoon. They were going to sport training, to the library, to the music rooms, for a run, to morning fitness, or to a multitude of places for community service. The constant movement shows the diversity of talent that makes up our Boarding House, and that makes living among this talent so interesting. Each girl utilises these opportunities to different degrees to develop their own passions and talents. It’s something I will miss being surrounded by when I have finished school. 

I am thankful for the 49 sisters in the Boarding House who have shared their passions and never failed to surprise and inspire me. The small nature of our Boarding House can at times be challenging, but it has allowed friendships to grow that wouldn’t be common in larger boarding houses. The bond we have formed is invaluable and is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.I am thankful for the memories, the support, the fun, the fights, the midnight parties, the dinner table conversations, the advice and above all the kindness. 

I am thankful for the teachers and executive staff who have played a massive part in our lives at school. They have equipped us not only with the knowledge of our respective courses, ensuring that we were able to complete the assignments to the best of our abilities, but more importantly, taught us resilience and confidence. While not included in the syllabus, these are the true lessons we will take with us beyond the final exams. The dedicated of the staff and their genuine interest in our lives is remarkable. These relationships have been so comforting and reassuring being away from home and we couldn’t have done it without them. 

I am thankful for the Boarding staff who have administered the Band-Aids, laughed at our pathetic jokes, forgiven us when we have forgotten to sign out and given us hugs when our parents weren’t been able to. I will cherish the conversations we have had over the years. We are very lucky to be in the care of such kind people that truly made our boarding experience more than a residence in an education system. 

I am thankful for the 49 sisters I have inherited. They have shaped my boarding experience into a roller coaster of memories. It is impossible to sum up all six years of friendships. The unspoken trust and bond that exists means boarders can be themselves. Nothing is too weird or uncool. No one is judged when the ‘Year 12 Monster’ has come out. I want every boarder to know that we who are leaving will always be here – never hesitate to contact us. 

It is no secret that we have experienced the opportunity of a lifetime though at no result of our own actions. Everything we have had the privilege of experiencing, is only a result of the massive sacrifice our parents have made for us and for this we can only be eternally grateful. They have given us has been so much more than an education. They have given us opportunities that have helped us to develop our passions and open up our world so that the world has become truly our oyster. 

Boarding can be a sacrifice for many families, not only financially, but through the selfless compromising of family time at home. I am thankful to my family for investing me, and giving me the greatest start in life. I hope one day I can give my children the same opportunity.