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Aspiring Women in Leadership Conference

Author: Noosha Jalili, TAS Teacher

06 Apr 2016

Although you may be very content in the leadership position you are currently in, preparing now for future roles was a key takeout from the Aspiring Women in Leadership Conference.

I feel as though I am still learning in my current role and am excitement about being in this position. However, I know that the day will come where I will have fulfilled the challenges within the role and will want a new challenge and opportunity. At that point it will be impossible to acquire a new role if I haven’t done anything to prepare. Preparation can be in the form of further tertiary study, mentorships and becoming involved in opportunities that present themselves that are aligned with a whole school approach.

The preparation that takes place now for your next position will speak volumes on your resume and will be identified as part of the key characteristics that you hold. However, another big take out from this conference was to apply for a new position when you are 60% ready as you can never be 100% prepared. The learning that takes place on the job is something that can’t be learned prior as you need to be in new situations to learn and gain experience. You just need the confidence to apply!