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Our Future

Just as our students need to grow and develop, so does our School. We ensure this by seeking innovation and advancement at every level, from the professional development of individual staff members to the long-term planning for the School itself. Our Strategic and Master Plans provide a comprehensive road map for progress in all areas. These include teaching methods, learning spaces, Pastoral Careservice, ethics, leadership, governance, professional development, community engagement, diversity, inclusivity, learning enrichment, learning supporttechnology, communication and facilities.

Our focus is on being innovative, creative and global. There is a shift in the 21st century, away from algorithmic and linear thinking to design thinking and holistic problem solving. We can no longer teach in silos but must create an environment where different disciplines combine in left-field combinations to come up with solutions previously undreamt of. Our investment in the Wenona STEM Centre and Sporting Facility, which meets current needs and anticipates those to come, is a stellar example of our commitment to agile, creative approaches to education. This world-class, sustainable, university-style building designed by architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer incorporates state-of-the-art Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning areas, laboratories and food technology kitchens, flexible learning and study areas, a sports science hub and an Aquatic Centre complete with a water polo-ready 25m swimming pool and a learn-to-swim pool.