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ICT Program

Online learners

Technology is integrated into daily teaching and learning at Wenona. Our ICT program allows students to actively engage in learning no matter where they are. 

We run a supplied iPad program in Junior School and Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) programs in Middle School and Senior College. Students are supplied with a subscription to a cloud-based productivity suite, secure personal file storage, email and communication and collaboration tools. The girls have access to appropriate software for each class or activity and we also educate our students on cyber safety. 

Between Kindergarten and Year 4, students are supplied with an iPad for use at School; they also have access to School laptop and desktop computers. In Years 5 and 6 they move to a BYO iPad program and can access School laptops. Middle School students between Years 7 and 9 are required to bring a personal laptop; it can be supplemented by an additional device such as a tablet if desired. Senior College students also bring their own devices, but may select any one or more; most opt for a laptop as their primary tool.  

The Wenona Portal

In addition to our public website, Wenona has a password-protected Portal which provides secure access to information and resources for the parents, staff and students in our School community. Parents use it to keep in touch about School programs and events, while staff and students have access to lesson plans and outlines, timetables, readings, assignments, speeches, reviews, study resources, and more.