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The Debating program at Wenona imparts skills that stay with our girls for life. It helps them develop strong listening and teamwork skills, prompts them to analyse opposing points of view, and enables them to present their ideas confidently and persuasively in any context. 

From Year 2, students debate competitively within the School and in Year 6 they begin debating competitively outside of school, supported by coaches and a dedicated Debating Coordinator. 

In the Senior School, there are formal try-outs for the debating team. The girls work with a University-level coach and compete against schools across the state in the Independent Schools’ Debating Association Competition (ISDA), the Archdale Competition for Independent Girls’ Schools and the Schools Debating Network Competition

Our debaters excel in these and other events, including the Macquarie Cup and the University of Sydney Union Schools Debating Championship.

Students develop their public speaking skills through other external competitions such as the Rostrum Voice of Youth, The Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking Award and the Festival of Speech.