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Seed magic at Woodstock

Woodstock sc News Term 2115 

Watching seeds grow is amazing, as our students in Woodstock have discovered this term. In fact, it’s been like having a front row seat to the magic that is plants growing.

 seed woodstock News Term 28

Our girls in K to 2 have been conducting seed experiments in Science lessons so that they can discover for themselves what actually happens below the ground!

Woodstock sc News Term 2116

It’s been educational and exciting,” said Kindergarten Teacher, Miss Richardson.

seed woodstock News Term 2

“The girls have had tremendous fun getting their hands dirty to plant the seeds.”

seed woodstock News Term 25 

Shae (Kindergarten) said, “I liked putting the soil in and wearing the gloves because it made me feel like I was a gardener.”

Woodstock sc News Term 2114

Issy (Kindergarten) said “I liked the feel of the soil. And the water looked nice when we were pouring it over the seed.”

seed woodstock News Term 27

They have all thoroughly enjoyed checking on the progress of their seeds each day, carefully watering them and talking as a group about what might happen next.

Woodstock sc News Term 2113

seed woodstock News Term 26

“I think the seed might turn into a flower when it starts to grow because they need lots of water,” said Bethan (Year 1).

Woodstock sc News Term 2112

Imagine their delight when the seeds germinated and tiny green shoots started to appear above the surface!

seed woodstock News Term 210

“It makes them part of nature, rather than an observer of it,” said Miss Richardson.

 seed woodstock News Term 24

“It helps them to comprehend that we are only part of a much larger ecosystem that we have to nurture and protect.”

seed woodstock News Term 23

Learning about germination, has also lead to much wider discussions about different plants and what they need to survive and flourish.

Woodstock sc News Term 2118

Theodora (Year 2) said, “I liked learning about the cactus because they can survive for a long time. Longer than animals and humans!”

seed woodstock News Term 29

The seed experiment has given Woodstock a new-found appreciation of the wonders of nature. After all, it’s incredible to see a tiny seed turn into something they can eat or a beautiful flower that they can enjoy.

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