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Golf is par for the course at Wenona

 Golf News Term 22

Watch out Karrie Webb! Not only do Miss Minifie’s Year 10 PASS students know all about birdies, bogeys and albatrosses, but they recently taught some Year 6 students how to swing a golf club.

It all began with the study of the Science of Coaching. Miss Minifie then organised for a qualified Jack Newton Junior Golf instructor to visit Wenona to show the students how to teach a golf swing to young players.

Australian golf champion Karrie Webb makes it all look so easy, but as the students discovered, getting to grips with a golf club is actually quite hard. In fact, just mastering the golf grip alone is tricky – but as they quickly learned, it’s a pretty important technique to get right if you want to perfect your golf swing. Still, all the girls had lots of fun gripping and swinging their clubs in the Big Gym.

Golf News Term 25

As part of their Term 1 assessment task, Miss Minifie asked the students to create a resource kit for the teaching of the golf swing.

Golf News Term 23 

They then had to put this into practice by instructing a small group of Year 6 students to improve their skill, which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Golf News Term 24

On Tuesday 15 May, the class was lucky enough to put their own golf swings to the test, completing 5 holes on the Lane Cove Golf course.

“For most girls, this was their first time on a golf course and there were some impressive skills shown,” said Miss Minifie.

Leila (Year 10) said “I really enjoyed the golf excursion as I’d never had that experience before. In fact, I had never even been to a golfing range! I learnt so much from Greg teaching us golf. I learnt how to hold the golf club, how to swing, where to hit the ball and the different ways of hitting the ball according to how far you wanted it to go. Whilst at the golf club, I also learnt how to score golf. Overall, I think it was a very fun experience and would definitely do it again.”

The number of Australian women currently playing golf might be below par, but Miss Minifie’s Year 10 PASS students, with their new-found coaching and playing skills, might be ready to ‘drive’ change. Who knows, one of them might be wearing the prestigious Green Jacket one day!