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Year 9 Camp – a bonding experience

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Located just two hours from Sydney, Kangaroo Valley was the perfect destination for Year 9 Camp. And although the weather gods weren’t always smiling, our students formed firm friendships as they experienced the rainforest, rivers and the range of outdoor activities together.


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“We turned up to Day 1 of camp wearing our rain jackets and with our game faces on! The muddy puddles and rainy weather took some getting used to, but none of us were going down without a fight.


Year 9 Camp was definitely my favourite so far. I thoroughly enjoyed being in a group with girls that I wouldn’t usually talk to. By the end of the week, we had all bonded really well and we knew we were only as strong as the weakest person, and we were great at working as a group. 


The highly-anticipated adventure race on the last day was the highlight of camp. It was by far the most challenging part because our group had many ups and downs, but we came out of it with big smiles and a victory. Go the dark-blue team!”

Juliet (Year 9)

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“Year 9 Camp was an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone. Personally, this camp was my favourite camp that left me with so many new friendships and memories that I will treasure forever.


Though a difficult trek, the hiking that we did as a group brought us closer together through random conversations, inside jokes and complaining about our heavy packs. Canoeing was filled once again with inside jokes and frustration when you steered into the bank of the river or played accidental bumper cars with another pair.


Stand up paddle-boarding was an experience like no other, with barely any standing up happening with instead the group having a last-man-standing wrestling competition. 


Mountain biking was an exciting experience with lots of screaming as you went over rocks or got sprayed by a puddle. In the end, I was sad to have to leave Kangaroo Valley but the experiences, memories and friendships I gained will be with me for the rest of my life.”

Ellie (Year 9)