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Year 5 goes to Attunga

year 5 camp News b T1 W410 

On Wednesday 21st February, smiling faces hopped onto the bus for the Year 5 camp to Attunga.

year 5 camp News b T1 W47 

A rainbow of bags had formed by the time the luggage trunk was full. Teachers counted their array of students as the bus took off and the chatter of girls filled the air. Year 5 were on their way to Attunga with the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) who have accompanied us on camps many times before.

year 5 camp News b T1 W49 

As the campsite grew nearer, we could see fields of cows and bushland outside the window. We arrived in a rocky driveway where we could see the OEG staff preparing some games. 78 girls jumped off the bus and met the camp leaders to play some games. Year 5 camp had begun!

year 5 camp2 News b T1 W42

Once all girls had been sorted into camp groups and cabins, we had a morning tea of fruit and biscuits.

year 5 camp2 News b T1 W45 

Then it was time to start the activities. The camp groups started to play a few games to get to know each other.

year 5 camp News b T1 W43 

The we went off to our second activity. For many of us it started with an easy activity and over the days built up to extreme.

year 5 camp2 News b T1 W44 

Group 1’s first activity was Initiatives, this was a bunch of games such as Frisbee, untying knots and ball throwing.

 year 5 camp News b T1 W416

Group 2 was bushwalking where you walked through a bush track. When you got to the top, you did some bush art of your choice.

year 5 camp News b T1 W415

year 5 camp News b T1 W48 

Group 3 was canoeing where you played Stuck-In-The-Mud, Flower Spiral and learning how to properly canoe.

year 5 camp News b T1 W42

year 5 camp News b T1 W46 

Group 4 was abseiling where you had to abseil down a small cliff.

year 5 camp2 News b T1 W4 

Group 5 was mountain biking. That was very challenging for many of us because of the steepness of the hills.

year 5 camp News b T1 W412

year 5 camp News b T1 W44 

Two other activities were the Power Fan and raft building which both required lots of teamwork and effort.

year 5 camp News b T1 W45 

The food at Attunga was surprisingly delicious. Prepared by a great team of instructors, breakfast, lunch and dinner were all equally filling and delicious. For breakfast over the two days, we had an array of eggs, toast and cereal. For lunch, we had chicken wraps and macaroni and cheese. For dinner, we had chicken and Spaghetti Bolognese. On Thursday night, it was Ms De Rossi’s birthday, so the whole of Year 5 got a very delicious piece of chocolate cake.

year 5 camp2 News b T1 W43 

The landscape of Attunga was beautiful. It was like a farmyard because it had two horses and a donkey named Fred. There were lots of lakes surrounding our main spot. Our camp reached a long way to the cliffs and that’s where we did our abseiling and bushwalking. Kangaroos were jumping in random places over the scene of Attunga. Everything was relevant to our activities.

year 5 camp News b T1 W413 

Year 5 had a wonderful time on camp and we are all excited for next year’s big adventure. With thanks to the OEG team and everybody who gave up their time to come with us. We hope they enjoyed camp too!

Annabelle and Ava (Year 5)