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Wenonian comes back to work in ICT

We love it when students come back to Wenona to work or volunteer in some capacity, so it was great to have Nadia (2017) working up until recently, in our busy ICT Department.


Nadia has just started a Bachelor of Global Business at Macquarie University, but shared her experience of what it was like to come back to School so soon after graduating.


“I started working with the Wenona ICT Department in December 2017 and I was there for about three months. I worked as an IT Assistant and my job consisted of a lot of different tasks such as re-imaging laptops, adding student and staff profiles to devices and database management.


I found it weird coming back to Wenona at first, and not doing any homework or assessments. I still very much consider myself a student as I literally just graduated a couple of months ago. But one of the benefits of being a recent graduate is that I already know everyone and I know my way around Wenona. 


Once School started, I saw a lot of my teachers around the campus. I still addressed them by their surnames even though they told me that as a staff member, I should call them by their Christian names. I just couldn’t do it. It would be way too awkward!


It felt quite strange coming to Wenona and not wearing the uniform. I miss wearing it. I’m finding it so difficult to decide what to wear each morning!


I would say that the best thing about working in ICT has been working with the team. They are all skilled and hardworking. They have taught me so much and given me great guidance. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them and learn from them.


I assisted in the ICT induction day for the new Year 7 students. Back when I was in Year 7 a few years ago, using portal and accessing the email was all new for me and I know how overwhelming it can be, so I really enjoyed helping them.


I’m studying at Macquarie University doing a Bachelor of Global Business, as well as taking subjects in IT to supplement my degree.


I would love to come back to Wenona to work and gain more experience. It was challenging, but definitely rewarding as it allowed me to deepen my understanding of the ICT sector. It was also interesting to see the School from a different perspective - and to see first-hand the work that the ICT department does to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


I am very grateful to everyone in the ICT department for giving me this opportunity.”


Nadia circle photo blog