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The thrills and spills of Market Day

 Market day News Term 16

If you want to become your own boss in the future, coming up with a business idea is the first step. It’s then all about risk-taking, teamwork, communication and persistence, as our Year 10 Commerce students found out at their recent Market Day.

Market day News Term 14

According to Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson, "No two successful entrepreneurs are the same. In fact, it's their individuality and different ways of thinking that make them successful."

Market day News Term 13

Our Year 10 Commerce students all took different approaches to setting up their own food stalls, promoting them, and selling their wares during lunchtime last week. There were stalls selling ice cream sandwiches, noodles, spring rolls, pizza, waffles, nachos and lolly bags, with some fantastic posters and dress ups to draw in the crowds. While they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it gave our students a newfound appreciation for the challenges – and opportunities – involved in building a business from the ground up.

Market day News Term 12

"I thoroughly enjoyed Market Day. I learnt about many factors to consider when building a business as well as skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem solving. The experience was very rewarding and helped to consolidate my knowledge about Commerce and how to establish a business. Additionally, it was fun to make and sell our products and compete against fellow students."

Market day News Term 15 

"What I was able to learn at Market Day was just how gritty and stressful it is to run your own business. For many of us, we were caught up in the glamour of businesses, with many of us trying to make our posters perfect, rather than planning profits and bracing ourselves. However, when being put into the thick of it, we realised it is incredibly hard to try to please consumer needs with a smile on our faces, and still try to manage serving, collecting money, arranging set up, maintaining set up and so much more! This experience was utterly useful for our group to gain perspective on just how to run a business and apply this to our study of Commerce."