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Sparking Creativity

Head of Library and Information Services, Ms Stevenson, invited students to unlock their imagination and write a poem for World Poetry Day. She then compiled them into an anthology for everyone to enjoy. Here are just a few.

poetry pics12 News  T1

I dream.
I dream that I am a girl who can see what is
and Ugly
and Shattered
and Wrong with the world
with a single touch
Fix it.

am able to see past
Empty Eyes and Smiles,
Uniforms and Status,
Badges and Faces,
Long Sleeves in Summer,
Curt Comments to Friends,
Empty Lunchboxes,
Missed Periods,
Red Eyes,
to what their souls says underneath.
I peel useless fabrics,
peel skin,
away, only to find their
Innermost Thoughts and
True Feelings
written out in a language that I,
for once,
can read.

And I
for once,
know how to Help
how to Fix their Problems.
Not with Awkward Questions that we are both Uncomfortable
or Effort that I'm not sure they want me to use,
but with a Simple Touch.
And their problems melt away.
Everyone is content.
In my dream.

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Just think; a small bird, singing sad songs
Trapped inside bars of molten fear
Is let out, unrestricted, unlimited,
Laughing because freedom is so near!
That little creature balances on a branch
Tweeting and singing like before,
Until she receives the greatest of joys -
Being reunited with family once more!
Music comes with laughter
Smiles and cheers and light.
The strumming of a blue guitar
Brings love, and much delight.
Happiness is always there
No matter the tough times.
When you're surrounded with ones you love
Higher and higher it climbs.

poetry pics1 News  T12

Depression, anxiety
There's not much of a variety
Just two dogs following you 'round
Vicious like hunting hounds
But you can't place 'em in the pound
Cause they won't rest till they're found
Found by you, in your mind
They'll take up your space
They'll take up your time
And no you won't be "fine"
Because the dogs are trying to pounce
Trying to take up every ounce
of happiness left in your body
But you can't let them win
But you can't help but lose
To these dogs that want to play games
Depression and anxiety are their names

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The dance
poetry pics1 News  T13 

The deep breaths I take are the stage lights
Every spiralling thought is a pirouette
The center of my soul is the chorus of music
Every heartbeat is a step of twinkling toes
The working of my muscles is every fall
My moving bones are the telling of the story
The sights I see is the choreography
The sounds I hear are the orchestra
Inner bursts of excitement is a grand Jeté
The things I fear are angry drum beats
Inner peace is the stage
Lights are dim
My closing eyes are the curtsey.

Hades, Persephone and Demeter
poetry pics1 News  T16

During Demeter's happy life,
Hades took her daughter, so she could be his wife.
While Demeter sat alone to grieve,
all Persephone wanted to do was leave.
He offered her many incredible feeds,
But all she ate was six pomegranate seeds.
As Persephone cried and whelped,
Demeter told everyone that Persephone needed help.
No one believed her but Zeus the one,
He was the one who saved everyone.
Zeus took Demeter to the underworld,
This was where Persephone was being held.
All Demeter and Persephone wanted was for her to be set
But all Hades said was "I do not agree!"
After a while they comprised,
This would change everyone's lives.
Six months of the year, it was Hades she would see,
But the other months Persephone was set free.
When Demeter was left all alone,
The crops started to die, so the people started to groan.
When she was reunited with her daughter and filled with
love,The crops began to grow as the sun shone above.
During summer Demeter was filled with delight,
But during winter, there was sadness day and night.

The record shop
poetry pics1 News  T17 

Talent has the hear of music,
Passion swirls in all she does.
Camera in hand she tried
To capture every moment,
She finds herself in record shops,
Enveloped by antique sound,
Every record holding a lesson to learn.
Talent has the mind of an artist,
Filled with all of the music that she's started to write,
And the music that other people have written for her.
Eyes round,
Mind full
Talent has the heart of music,
The melodies, louder than lions,
Fill her head,
The harmonies filling the heads of others around her.
Talent lives in record shops.

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