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Cadets: Parade and Dining-In

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The Ceremonial Parade is a great demonstration of the hard work, dedication and precision that the Wenona and Shore cadets strive to uphold. Held on Friday 9 of March, this year’s parade reflected a high standard of dress, drill and bearing, and was a chance for cadets to celebrate the achievements of the unit and exhibit the self-discipline that is required to perform in the parade.

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Prior to the parade, all Year 10 to 12 cadets who chose to continue serving in 2018, participated in the weekly Monday afternoon trainings to polish their drill skills and ensure the unit would perform to its highest ability.

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The parade includes a march-past as well as an inspection from a Reviewing Officer, all accompanied by music from the Shore Cadet Unit Band. This year, the parade was reviewed by Colonel Malcom Wells, DSC, Commander Landing Forces of the Australian Amphibious Task Group. The Reviewing Officer has one of the most important roles in the parade as they assess the standard of drill, dress and bearing performed.

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Another part of the celebrations is the Dining-In Night, held at Shore in the evening after the parade. The dinner is very formal and allows for Year 12 cadets, who are all of a senior rank, to celebrate and conclude their time with the unit. This year, the invitation was opened to all those attending the Senior Leaders Course at the end of this term, allowing myself and eight other Wenona cadets to attend. Dr Scott, Dr Wright, Major (AAC) Hughes and many other staff from the unit also attended. The night is filled with speeches, toasts and lovely food, and was a great experience for us to get a glimpse of what we will do next year, when it is our turn to conclude our time with the unit. 

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Overall, the Ceremonial Parade and Dining-In Night was a lot of fun for all of those involved and is a great showcase of many of the values that the unit upholds. I would highly recommend watching the ceremonial parade next year if you get the chance, as it truly is a wonderful showcase of the unit and all those in it.

CDTCPL Arnika (Year 11)

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