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Police perspective

Year 11 legal studies WEB NEWS TEMPLATE2

Preliminary Legal Studies students enjoyed real-life stories about criminal law and the challenges and rewards of policing when Detective Senior Constable Darren Cairns, North Shore Police School Liaison Officer, visited to discuss criminal investigations. Insights into the role of the police not only shed light on the legal system but also on different aspects of police work and police efforts to protect the community.


‘A police officer’s view of the legal system was intriguing,” said Emily, “and so were the incredible stories he had to share.” 


“DSC Cairns’ talk was fascinating,” said Bella, “especially regarding what police do, the precautions they undertake to complete an assignment, and how police are people like us and only want the best for individuals in society. Also interesting was all the different categories of evidence to help investigators come to a conclusion. The visit from DSC Cairns was beneficial because it gave me insight into what being a police officer involves and the types of jobs they do.” 


For Emily, the talk opened a new perspective of the law from the enforcement point of view - “rather than our traditional view of what happens in courts”.


“Hearing about individual cases was very interesting,” said Sarah, who believes police deserve more praise for their diligence in protecting the community and achieving justice. “I would definitely like another police visit and discussion and would recommend it to all legal studies students” said Sarah.