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Champion athletes of all ages



Results for the top three places for Senior CIS Athletics Championships at Sydney Olympic Park on Wednesday are through - including places won by Mia in Year 9, and Sophie and Brooke in Year 11. Results for their Senior CIS team-mates will be available next week.




Sophie cleared 155cm to win a third place in Girls 17 Years High Jump. Mia won two places -  a second on the 15 years 800m track and third on the 1500m track. Brooke had a fantastic day, winning a first in 17 Years Javelin, a first in Discus, a third in the 400m and second in 100m hurdles.




Elsewhere on track and field, four of Wenona’s Junior School athletes had a great day last week at the Junior School CIS Athletics Carnival at Homebush, following their successful performances at the IPSHA Athletics Carnival at the end of August. All did well in hot, windy conditions and Jessica even squeezed in a great (9 Years 100m) sprint before zooming off to the Year 3 camp! Jessica and Jemma from Year 6 (12 Years 800m) were both pleased with their performances at this representative level. 


Sarah from Year 5 competed in Shot Put, Discus and 10 Years 800m, coming first in 800m, third in Discus and fifth in Shot Put, which qualifies her for NSWPSSA Carnival in October, representing Combined Independent Schools.