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The World of Work

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This week, Year 10 students participated in 128 individual work experience placements across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, including architecture firms, financial services, hospitals, design studios and fashion houses.

The way in which our Year 10 cohort have approached this week has been impressive, and the feedback from host employers has been incredibly positive. The girls have been outstanding ambassadors for our school and our visiting teachers have enjoyed seeing them actively engaged in their chosen workplace.

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At a time when the world of work is changing at a rapid pace, young people need access to authentic experiences to develop and enhance their understanding of the world of work. Work experience is an important part of becoming ‘workplace-ready’, building useful skills that cannot be taught in the classroom and having exposure to people they might never otherwise have come in contact with.

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Ella - Simulation Centre, John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle

“On my first day of work experience, Greg, the Senior Simulation Coordinator, gave me a tour of the centre. I learned that the centre is used to re-enact rare situations that might happen in emergency or in an operating theatre, using mannequins to train anaesthetists, orthopaedic surgeons and other specialists to work together and support the patient. It is important because real operations are stressful and if a specialist doesn’t communicate well, it can put a patient’s life in danger. Medical students at Newcastle University and surrounding universities also come for training. I got the opportunity to ultrasound my own arm and see the arteries pumping blood, which was very interesting, and I learnt how to insert a cannula using a mannequin’s arm.

The next day was even more exciting. Fiona, the other Senior Simulation Coordinator took me for a tour of the Intensive Care facility with real patients, which was somewhat confronting. I then went back to the Simulation Centre to set up a simulation for the next day. This included preparing the ‘patient’ (mannequin) to speed up its heartbeat, then perform an intubation on another ‘patient’ so they could fit the profile of their medical issues for a re-enactment the next day.

I am really looking forward to my next few days watching two simulation courses take place.”

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Britta, International Airport, Qantas

“My highlight was definitely on Tuesday when I spent time with the Head of Operations and my host supervisor, who took me by metro to the international airport. There we looked at everything from the customer's perspective to understand how Qantas shapes their experiences and views. We watched a real Qantas crew briefing before they set off for Johannesburg. We were also shown the apps that crew use to better understand individual passengers and develop stronger connections with them. We had lunch in the first class lounge and discussed the design and the designer, Marc Newson, to understand how every aspect makes a unique experience for the passengers and improves flight efficiency. For example, the entrance is a long, walled garden to conceal and privatise the entrance to the lounge, and the crockery is light and the cutlery stackable. 

After the airport we went to Jet Base where simulation and emergency training is performed. We had a tour from a 787 pilot who showed us the slides and pools where crew are required to undergo emergency procedures once a year, as well as the simulator for each aircraft. We were lucky enough to enter one! They are huge, elevated and mimic the feeling and movement of real planes. We then visited the QCC building, which is built like a little city. 'The Street' is much like an actual street with external food shops and trees on it is inside a building which connects the two main buildings inside.

Overall, I've had the most fantastic time here at Qantas exploring almost every aspect and perspective. All the staff are absolutely lovely and helpful, and I can't wait for what I'll encounter in the next two days.”

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Sibel - Macquarie Group

“Doing my work experience at Macquarie Bank has being a very interesting experience, consisting of busy days packed with meetings and conferences based on client finances, as well as business presentations. I have been working throughout the week on tasks that include structuring documents for Macquarie insurance and super clients, as well as presenting one of these to an attorney. I have mostly enjoyed watching people communicate in a business setting, which is a skill I will be able to use forever.

Work experience has been a great opportunity to become exposed to a workplace environment and for me learn critical aspects of the business world.”

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