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A Present for the Future

Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T45  


As work on the new STEM Centre and Sporting Facility continues apace, our Kindergarten and Year 2 students have been busy creating time capsules; a magical way of taking a slice of their present life at Wenona and preserving it for the future.


Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T410


It has stirred up lots of excitement among the girls who have looked forward to this activity every week. Putting on their Engineering hats, they have all given careful consideration to developing designs that are durable, flexible, waterproof and strong. Each student has taken time to draw up plans for a prototype, including ideas to fill their time capsule, such as photographs, newspapers, handprints and letters.


Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T414


Astrid intends to include a teddy bear in her time capsule. “It’s just in case there is no such thing as toys any more. That way if there’s a person who has a birthday, they can have it as a treat.”


Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T411


The task was partly inspired by the Kindergarten students’ excited discovery of a time capsule locked away in the wall of the Visual Arts Department.  It commemorates Wenona’s 75th Anniversary in 1988 and its secrets will not be revealed until 2063.


Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T43


Mrs Froggart encouraged the students to focus on their memories of Woodstock over the past year. For the Kindergarten students in particular, it’s an opportunity to reach out to their future selves in Year 1. What special memories will they uncover when they open their time capsules next year?


Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T47     


As the students got to work on creating their prototype this week, Woodstock was a riot of activity. Students worked together to make sturdy, future-proof creations out of cardboard boxes, empty tubes, plastic bottles, aluminium, foil, sticky tape and string.


Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T49


Elsewhere, girls carefully placed their painted hands on paper, a perfect keepsake for the future.


Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T416


Perhaps one of these time capsules will be placed in the new Archimedes building and some of these photographs and stories will serve as a magical key to Wenona’s past, at a time when the new STEM building was still a worksite overlooked by a giant red crane.


Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T412


What a legacy to pass on to future Wenonians!


Time capsules WEB NEWS TEMPLATE T413