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Moot competition offers insight to uni life

Moot 1

Wenona Year 11 students were on point during their visit to Queensland’s Bond University to take part in the institution’s High School Mooting Competition.

Students Annabelle, Portia, and Emily were accompanied by Legal Studies Teacher Ms Natasha Isbel to the event, held at the university’s Gold Coast campus on May 10. They were the first Wenona students to join the more than 70 schools from across Australia that participate in the competition. 

“Feedback from the judges on the bench was very favourable, praising our girls for the strength of their arguments, their ability to use relevant evidence to justify their assertions and their teamwork and smiles when faced with challenging questions from the bench,” Ms Isbel said.

“Judges said that Wenona should be very proud being represented by these girls and their efforts as the inaugural Wenona team in the competition, and we were. Well done girls and congratulations.”

Teamwork & trial success – students reflect

Annabelle, Portia and Emily offered the following reflection on their time at Bond:

"After a particularly early start, we arrived at the airport full of excitement, undeterred by the fact that one of us was wearing two left school shoes! On arriving at Bond University, we spent valuable spare time fine tuning our arguments and court appearance etiquette. 

"We were determined to remain focused and not let nerves get the better of us, even as we were surrounded by more experienced teams of Year 12’s. The actual competition in the courtroom was fun and far easier than we expected. Preparation was the key! The questions the judges directed to us were manageable. 

"Overall, it was a valuable learning experience, helping us to understand the concepts of negligence and trial processes. The tour around the Bond Campus following the competition was very interesting and gave us an insight into university life. It was an exhausting but wonderful day and an amazing interstate excursion."