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Kindergarten go places with learning

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Kindergarten students connected their Science experiments and Geography learnings on special places and maps through a school tour that nurtured their curiosity.

The students visited Jackson House and the Principal’s office on May 4 to ask staff why each place was special to them. While there they talked about the Term 1 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) projects they had done, making rainbows using materials including prisms, CDs, torches, water, food colouring, glitter, and paint.

Woodstock students complete experiments and are challenged to problem solve in groups of six from Kindergarten to Year 2. Together they use apps to photograph and document their questions and work.
Teachers created a fictional Land of a Thousand rainbows to allow students to learn about maps in a fun way and embrace the challenge of making Wenona a more colourful place.  The Mayor of the Land, a friend of Principal Dr Briony Scott, also visited the students in costume to encourage their learning.

“We want them to wonder, to engage in the scientific process and form a hypothesis as to why something happened,” said Kindergarten teacher Clare Froggatt.

 “Originally we gave them prisms and they thought about how to create more rainbows. It helped to develop their wondering and for them to design their own experiments. There’s a beautiful link into literacy because the children get to write narratives about their work and procedures based on what they’ve learnt in Science.

“We’re very inspired by what they do.”