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Year 7 make the transition to Middle School

Year 7 first week article

Year 7 have made their big transition to the Middle School with some workshops conducted by Enlighten Education. From Monday to Wednesday, the girls took part in a program with talks on time management, organisation and how to cope with stress. 

They also played some getting-to-know-you games and learned how to be a good friend. Year 7 students Emily and Jemima had some positive things to say about their first week in Middle School. 

Emily comes to Wenona as a Boarder from Narromine Primary School about six hours north-west of Sydney. “I was really excited to come to Wenona,” she says. “My sisters have friends who have siblings in my year, and I had already got to know them a bit. I wasn’t really afraid of the work I’ll have it do, I’m excited for it.”

Jemima has been at the school since Kindergarten. But she has enjoyed making lots of new friends. “It was a good introduction to Year 7. We had talks on friendship and wrote compliment in each other’s diaries,” she said.

“We learnt skills for how to cope with typical High School life,” Emily said. Jemima particularly liked receiving a diary, and having more freedom than in Junior School. Her only hassle so far has been getting lost on the way to class. 

“I’m really excited for the year ahead,” Emily says. “I’m excited for English because I really like writing.” Jemima is looking forward to Technology and Design, because she didn’t have that in the Junior School.