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Year 12: A Day of Hope for the final year of schooling

By Emily of Year 12

On Monday 6 February, author and speaker Glen Gerreyn presented to Year 12 for Day of Hope. Glen shared his own story, touching on how he found hope within himself – and now inspires thousands in the youth community. The day consisted of inspirational lectures about goals, motivation and how to create a vision for the future.

Glen led us through multiple activities, encouraging us all to dig deeper into our selves, discovering our greatest fears in order to face them and put our best foot forward into our final year of schooling. We filled out surveys on our fears and strengths, and thought about what occupation we would choose if we could do anything.

After a few girls in our year group shared their answers – and a few tears when topics became deeper – I can say that as a year group we not only felt so much closer, but ready to work together to tackle the HSC.

This day had a profound impact on me as it helped me to have more confidence in myself. Glen has helped me to direct my motivation and energy into a specific vision for the future.

Day of Hope helped my year group improve our attitudes towards the coming year. We can now approach Year 12 with less fear and more motivation and strength. To put this new attitude into action, Glen inspired us to make a year group vision board to which we can all contribute and which may include our ranking goal for Wenona HSC 2017.

Day of Hope was such a beneficial day for us all and we can all continue to use aspects of Glen’s lessons for the rest of our lives.