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Year 10: History Excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum

Our Year 10 History students are studying the issue of genocide as a thematic study, as they learn more about the Shoah (Jewish Holocaust).

They visited the Sydney Jewish Museum to help their understanding of the issue of seeking justice for the victims of genocide.

The girls expressed that their experience was a powerful one, where they had the opportunity to speak to Yvonne, who survived the Holocaust after losing her parents to the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia. At the end, Yvonne asked the girls what they had taken away from their session with her. The girls expressed the importance of not holding onto hate as a destructive element and making sure they spoke up when injustice is witnessed. As Yvonne said, "the most horrific crime humanity can commit is to be silent", and the girls felt this strong statement is something they could apply to their own lives.

History Excursion 1

Listening to Yvonne speak about her experiences of survival. She claimed "The greatest crime humanity can commit is to be silent".

History Excursion 3

Attending a lecture on the issue of the Nuremberg Trials and addressing the question of gaining some form of justice for those who've been the victims of genocide

History Excursion 4

Examining artefacts in order to construct the narrative of how such a horrific act could occur

History Excursion 6

Examining the details of the perpetrators of the Shoah and the locations of the concentration camps using the Museum's updated multimedia platforms