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The Pastoral Care Program: A Two Pronged Approach

Pastoral Care holding teddy banner

The Pastoral Care Program at Wenona offers a two-pronged approach, offering both the girls and their parents the tools to enhance student well-being.

Over the past fortnight, our Junior School students have taken part in valuable workshops to help them learn how to build positive friendships and deal with bullying. And parents have taken part in a unique seminar run by Clinical Psychologist Dr Judith Lock, exploring common parenting approaches to help children cope better with difficult situations including peer friendships and bullying.

Years 3 to 6 took part in the URStrong “A Day of Friendship” workshop, in which the students learnt the key facts around friendships, the qualities of a great friend and useful tools to help them assess healthy versus unhealthy friendships. They also discussed the importance of standing up for themselves and how to resolve friendship issues through open and honest conversation.

UR Strong

Class Act Theatre Inc. gave Kindergarten to Year 6 an engaging and exciting performance of their “Bully Busters” production. Together they explored the many facets of bullying, providing the girls with an opportunity to learn important lessons around bullying and how they contribute to a safe school.

Bully busters

 A partnership between parents and school is fundamental for enhancing and sustaining student well-being.  Stay tuned for more in our parent seminar series.