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Debating Camp: Girls learn how to form an argument, craft a rebuttal and think on their feet

 Debating Camp_Wenona

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February, Wenona’s eager public speakers and thinkers attended Debating Camp at Naamaroo Lane Cove. Debating Captains Lucy and Isobel of Year 12 helped organise the camp alongside Debating Coordinator and History Teachers Miss Charlotte Karsten.

“The exceptional skill and critical thinking demonstrated at Debating Camp highlighted the extent to which social responsibility and a global outlook have influenced the ability of Wenona students to construct thought-provoking debate,” Miss Karsten said.

Over the camp, the Debating Captains led a night of debating games, like the topics game where girls have to talk on a selected topic for more than a minute; Wenona’s Debating Coaches led the girls in how to form the perfect argument and craft a rebuttal; and the camp was finished with a Year 11 to Year 12 Debating Final.

The Year 11 and 12 debate for 2017 was on the topic that women should refrain from using ironic misandry on social media. Year 11 won, arguing the affirmative – asserting that conflict should be kept offline.

This was Debating Captain Lucy of Year 12’s third camp and she enjoyed it as much as ever. “Something about Debating Camp feels more independent to normal camps,” she says, “I think because you choose to go. Everyone wants to be there. Everyone wants to get involved.”

Lucy believes Debating is important because it helps you hone your teamwork skills. “In Sport there is teamwork but Debating is different – you have to be in the prep room together, you have to get into it, you have to think on your feet,” she says.

“I think you can tell a debater,” she says, and admits she thinks it provides a platform to discuss important topics that you might not otherwise have the chance to talk about.