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A stellar year for the Class of 2016

 HSC Results class of 2016 article

The Class of 2016 received outstanding HSC results in December last year – the highest results the School has seen since the current HSC format began in 2001. The girls worked consistently and collaboratively, encouraging one another the whole way through. 

Congratulations to Taylor Ruber, Dux Literrarum, on receiving the highest possible ATAR of 99.95, and to the 17 students who made the All-round Achievers list, which means they achieved a Band 6 performance in 10 or more units of study. 

As a cohort, Wenona ranked 15th in the state, according to the Sydney Morning Herald listing on 16 December, accounting for every student and subject sat for the 2016 HSC, and placed as the third non-selective Independent Girls School.

"I would like to acknowledge the many girls who worked consistently across their full range of subjects and who have been acknowledged as All-round Achievers," said Principal Dr Briony Scott. "I would also like to acknowledge and congratulare all of our girls for their hard work and determination, regardless of the mark."

Take a further look at the 2016 HSC Results here (PDF 936.9KB)