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A jam-packed Closed Weekend for Boarders

 Boarders Closed Weekend Term 1 2017 article

On their first Closed Weekend of the year, Wenona Boarders ate dumplings, went to an outdoor cinema, played some trivia and completed an ‘amazing race’ – all within two days.

“We started our Closed Weekend with a big sister/ little sister activity,” Rosie, Co-Captain of Boarding explains. “Most of the girls were put into groups with three girls, spanning Year 7 to 12.” The girls were given some money to buy movie snacks for the evening’s outdoor movie, Moana, at North Sydney Oval. 

“It was a great activity to get to know girls from other year groups and it is always helpful for new girls to meet other boarders,” Rosie says. “All girls have firm friendships which defy year group barriers. After a dinner of dumplings, the girls sat down on bean bags for the movie. 

On Saturday, the girls played sport and continued to sings from Moana! That night, Boarding Co-Captains Rosie and Lily and Boarding Prefect Lillian hosted some Boarding Trivia. “The evening was filled with tough competition and sugar!” Lillian says. “The girls had some more friendly competition the next day with the Amazing Race,” she said. 

After being designated groups and coming up with some very original team names (purple pyjamas, red ripsticks and pink flamingos to name a few), the girls caught the bus to Milson’s Point and then a ferry to Circular Quay to begin their race at the Botanic Gardens. 

The first challenge was a wordy one, putting the Yellow Yobbots in the lead. They next was a ‘ten minute challenge’, where girls took a range of photos against various backgrounds. The final challenge was to choreograph a cheerleading routine in under 30 seconds and perform it. The Green Gods took the crown!

“All the girls were exhausted when they got back to the Boarding House,” Lily said. “But it was an enthusiastic start to the week.”