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Junior School Prefects host their first service BBQ

Junior School BBQ article

The Junior School Prefects (Kate, Abbey, Maya and Olivia) have upped the ante for future service initiatives, having hosted the first Junior School BBQ to raise funds for World Vision. 

Having noticed that Senior School girls raise money through hosting BBQs, the Junior School Prefects thought they could do the same. They brought the idea to Dr Scott in one of their regular prefect meetings, and walked out needing only one thing – a charity to support.

It was when Kate was watching TV that she saw a World Vision ad about Syrian Refugees and decided that was the charity for the BBQ. "It was very touching," she said, "all these children had started out with Middle Class lives - just like us - and then there were all these bombings".

She brought the suggestion to her fellow prefects. “I thought it was an amazing idea because the money went towards shelter, food, clothes and support,” Olivia said. Maya agreed that if she were in the position of the refugees, she would want help. 

Abbey said the girls promoted the BBQ every week in Assembly, put up posters, and had an email sent around. “We talked to Mr Foulston (Maintenance) and Mr Browning (Catering) who did an amazing job setting up the sausages. We all had to figure out the numbers for how many sausages, buns, onions and poppers," she said. 

Deputy Head of Junior School Mrs Julie Collier said the girls completely conceptualised, organised and ran the initiative. "They tabled the idea with Dr Scott, put together a plan and liaised for catering," she said. "The girls had so many flow charts!”

They also had a wet weather plan. But the sun was shining, and the barbecue was a success. “I was standing at the cash box,” Abbey said “and the line went to the end of the playground!” There were also lots of donations – “one student even gave $10" Maya said.