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Design Thinking: Year 8 prototype sustainable communities for the future

Year 8 Design Thinking article

Year 8 have envisioned and prototyped sustainable, economically-viable and socially-focused communities over two Design Thinking days on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 November, 2016. The girls worked in groups to think about how suburbs could be redesigned to benefit its inhabitants and created prototypes to present to their cohort. 

Their communities were imaginative, creative and future-focussed. They included community gardens, town halls, light rail and green spaces. One group had a demountable stage in the town park where free community events and concerts would take place. 

Millie, Suki and Georgia’s group imagined a community that is sustainable, future-focused and liveable. “We are hoping for a sustainable community that works as a community, where people like each other and talk to each other,” Suki said. “We’ve set up ski slopes and rock climbing walls where people can go and have fun together

Frankie, Lulu and Sophia’s group designed a socially-inclusive, sustainable community. “For waste disposal there are tubes that go underground and filter the rubbish,” Frankie explained. “Our community uses lots of renewable energy resources like solar energy panels on houses and hydroelectricity.” 

Sophia knew that jobs were important and said there were lots of hospital jobs available in their town. “We’ve included public housing and private housing in the same areas,” Lulu said. “They are close together so aren’t split between private and public. There’s also a park in the centre of the suburb so everyone can access it. The park also has Wi-Fi.”