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"A grandparent is someone who takes care of people" - Woodstock reflect on Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day article

“Grandparents can live in an apartment or in a lighthouse,” explained Eloise of Kindergarten. “Some can live in a building.” Woodstock girls reflected on their stories of their grandparents at the Tales of Days Gone By Grandparents Morning Tea on Friday 28 October, 2016.

After tea and scones with some Year 6 students, the Woodstock Choir welcomed their grandparents to the piazza and performed three songs. The girls gave their guests cards and hugs, and led them to their classrooms to talk about what life was like when their grandparents were young. 

The morning tea celebrates National Grandparents Day, which takes place on Sunday 30 October, 2016. It also links to Kindergarten to Year 2's studies of personal history in HSIE. "Children learn in the context of what they already know,” says Woodstock coordinator Mrs Froggatt. “So by listening and talking to their grandparents, they learn their personal history in a real way.” 

Kindergarten students provided some creative thoughts on what a grandparent is. Mia said “He likes to eat fruit and vegetables. My grandpa is called Nono.” Phoebe explained “a grandparent has a walking stick and it can have a car and it has grandchildren.” Matilda said "a grandparent is someone who takes care of people". 

Year 2 students also shared their reflections. "Grandparents know a lot because they’ve been around for a long time," Anika said. “They know about history like the change in technology and new books and what little girls like now compared to when they were young. My grandma had a doll she really liked.” Erica's grandmother also had a doll – she got it when she was 10. It was a Chinese doll with a traditional Chinese dress. “Grandparents are old but they are still funny,” she said.