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Year 8 Music Day

Year 8 students spent a day experiencing a variety of different musical workshops, ranging from DJ’ing to Japanese drumming.


On Friday 14 June, Wenona welcomed 10 external musicians to carry out workshops with our Year 8 students in a wide variety of genres. Throughout the day, students attended fascinating presentations and performances led by industry professionals. They then had the opportunity to choose two workshops, where they engaged in hands-on musical experiences. Later in the day, students watched a video of the highlights put together by the Year 8 Special Project Production Crew.


Students were able to choose from the following activities: A Looping Workshop, Pitch Perfect Singing, Tango, Taiko Japanese Drumming, DJ Workshop, Elk Electronic Workshop, Beatboxing, Axis of Awesome Ukulele Workshop, Songwriting, and Stomp Percussion.


The aim of the Year 8 Music Day is to try and deepen students’ passion for music. It is also a fantastic opportunity for them to learn and experience things that go beyond the classroom setting. Students gain firsthand knowledge of the music industry, including career paths, job roles and industry standards. They also learn about the current trends and technologies in music production and performance. The lessons they learnt from these professionals were truly inspiring and great motivation for students to pursue their musical interests.


“Last week’s Music incursion was a symphony of inspiration and learning, where our students’ dreams harmonised with the expertise of industry professionals, creating a powerful melody of future possibilities,” said Ms Mirella Di Giorgio, Head of Music.