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International Impact

The Wenona STEM program is gaining recognition in the world of marine science.

We are thrilled to announce that Wenona School's Senior College STEM students have made a significant contribution to a groundbreaking research paper on coastal engineering. This paper has been accepted for presentation at the world's premier conference on coastal engineering, which will be held in Rome this September.

Accompanied by Wenona Director of STEM, Dr Thompson, and Science teacher, Ms Quinn, the students completed their research during our annual STEM Tours to pristine One Tree Island in Term 3 of 2022 and 2023. They worked alongside researchers from the University of Sydney, the only student group to have ever visited and worked in the island’s scientific research centre.


During the tours, the students gathered data for a study into the greater human-induced effects on our reefs such as bleaching due to global warming. Each morning, they snorkelled around the island to examine the reef’s varying structures, collecting data to assist the scientists in determining the composition of the coral in different areas. Their efforts included working with a drone and satellite points to pinpoint GPS coordinates across the reef and painstakingly collate their findings in the dry lab.


“We will cherish the memories we made, the knowledge we gained and the appreciation we gathered in the importance of the continuation of research into the reef and how we can further protect it,” said Georgina and Mali (Year 12) about their experiences.

The 38th International Conference on Coastal Engineering at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, is an opportunity for coastal engineering experts to learn about recent developments in coastal research. It will be attended by researchers, public agencies and private firms from across the globe.