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Growth and Friendship

As graduation approaches, our longest-standing students reflect on their Wenona years.

It made for a heart-warming Principal’s Assembly last week when the 10 Year 12 students who began with us in kindergarten were bestowed special badges to recognise their 13 years at the School.

Principal, Dr Scott, presented each with a special badge to commemorate her long-standing connection with Wenona. The highlight of the event was a series of adorable slides, showcasing the students’ first School photos alongside their current ones, evoking nostalgic "oohs" and "aahs" from everyone in the room.

The badge presentation has been a chance for the students to look back on their Wenona years. Brielle expressed gratitude for being part of a school with such a huge sense of community. “Wenona has taught me to laugh when you can and to value and appreciate the people around you. I will always be grateful for the opportunities Wenona offered me, whether it was the chance to try something new or do something I enjoy. One lesson I have definitely learned is to never forget to bring a hat!"


Poppy said the opportunities provided at Wenona have helped shape her into the person she is today. “The School developed me further as a person and allowed me to meet so many great people. One of the main lessons I have learned is how to share my thoughts and opinions confidently, whilst learning from and respecting others’ ideas.”


Grace echoed these sentiments and expressed appreciation for the sense of community and support she has experienced. She says the bonds formed within her year group were particularly strong and have served as a constant source of friendship and encouragement.


Josie reflected on her deep gratitude for the “incredible people I have become friends with during my time here.” As her schooling nears a close, she acknowledged the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye. “I will be truly sad to leave and say goodbye to all the people I have grown up with.”


Sophia talked about her good fortune in gaining access to a multitude of diverse learning experiences. From the subjects offered to the extracurricular activities available, she said the School has expanded her knowledge and skills. “I am also grateful to have learned how to effectively express my ideas.”


The badge presentation was a chance for the rest of the School to celebrate this group of longstanding Wenonians and acknowledge their impact. We wish them the very best as they prepare to make their mark on the world.