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Elevating Unity

This week’s inspiration comes from Prefect, Jess, who incorporated our Student Leaders’ 2023-2024 theme of Celebrate to Elevate in a speech promoting mutual appreciation and acceptance.

Each week, our student leaders share their insights with their peers in Assembly.


Celebration is the recognition of positive success. Life is full of wonderful moments and great successes, and I think that we all understand the weight that empowerment and encouragement can have on someone and their outlook on a situation.

The best way to celebrate is to celebrate together. Celebration is made more enjoyable when it is with those who inspire us and whose unwavering support allows us to achieve these moments of success. It is this that I believe we should all harness together – a big community that celebrates the talent and individuality of those within it. If we can all come together to honour those doing great things, we will consistently feel energised and inspired. Feeling complimented and uplifted is such a positive experience that you can so easily spread, with simple comments. Be the light and voice of optimism to express your gratitude to the people around you. While celebration can be the key to the elevation of our community and to further success, I also want to talk about the power of appreciation.

While both appreciation and celebration often get thrown around together, appreciation is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. Now, while I hope that the celebration of each and every one of you becomes paramount to our daily life, appreciation can be just as important; it is less about what people do but more about who they are.

In order to be the best versions of ourselves we should continue to express gratitude, appreciate people for who they are and don’t let their mistakes impact your connection. When you can appreciate each other and what others are doing, things start to work. Show that you value people and reaffirm the positive connections you have, because they are so very special.

Let’s celebrate to elevate and appreciate those around us to achieve greater things and feel better together.