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Uplift Together

Our new 2023-2024 Student Leaders continue to bring a fresh perspective to their roles. This week, we heard from Prefect and Netball Captain, Elizabeth (Year 11), who urged her peers to reach out and look for new connections while applauding each other’s unique strengths and capabilities.

Each week, our student leaders share their insights with their peers in Assembly.

Ava, Nina, Clara, Immy, and Milly – students who, before starting Year 11, I hadn’t spoken to all that much. Sure, we would smile in the hallways and have a nice chat, but we didn’t get to really know each other until January this year. That was when we learned we would be sharing a free period every day – wait, I meant study period. Despite several “earlies” and “lates”, we ended up having a great time together.

It can be hard to get to know the people around you, but sometimes all it takes is 60 minutes. This could take the form of sport training, musicals, or lunchtime clubs. The point is: try new things because it provides the chance to talk to people outside your usual circle. This is when friendships start to form, and we can extend ourselves past the closed-off, tight-knit groups that are all too common in Year 7.

If I hadn’t learned to celebrate and elevate the people around me, I would have never known that Immy is a certified genius at Spanish, Clara brings unwavering dedication and leadership to Cadets, Nina has a sarcastic sense of humour that never fails to make me laugh, Ava’s supportive nature is hugely appreciated (particularly in our shared struggle with Biology!), and Milly has a remarkable ability to procrastinate and still be top of her class! Let these amazing people serve as a reminder of what the 2023-2024 Prefects’ theme of “Celebrate to Elevate” can mean for you.

Year 7 – you have 20 terms left together; Year 8 – you have 16; Year 9 – 12 more terms; Year 10 – eight more to go; Year 11 – only four; and Year 12 – just three more days. So, I urge you, talk to people who you wouldn’t normally talk to, so you can celebrate and elevate each other!